Anchor, Alchemise, Align Workshop

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Anchor, Alchemise, Align Workshop - £11.00
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A 75-minute Zoom workshop to land yourself home, re-centre, bring awareness to the where you have been and realign your heart and mind before the journey ahead.
Led by Adventuring Within facilitator Mollie Bylett.
Join us live on 29th December, 20:00 London time, or watch the replay at a time of your choice.
journalling - somatic movement - breathwork - visualisation
Our time together in this workshop will:
Anchor you into presence.
Alchemise the year that has been.
Align you with what your heart desires next.
This session is guaranteed to guide you back home to your body and to quieten the noise so that you can hear the whispers of your soul.
See you inside!


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