Astrology 101 Workshop

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Astrology 101 Workshop - £15.00
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Join our resident Vedic Astrologer Tarra Lee to learn how can you begin working with cosmic wisdom to empower your life.

What's included?

On demand and unlimited access to:

plus 4 video rituals to embody the workshop learning..

  • A full moon ritual
  • A new moon ritual
  • Discover your big 3: Sun, Moon and Rising sign
  • Unlock your purpose in your natal chart

What will you learn in the workshop?

  • What is Astrology? The science of this powerful energy / tool.
  • Moonology. How does the moon affect us?
  • What is a natal chart / birth chart?
  • How can we use the cosmos to empower our life choices and life path.
  • What is meant by 'Sun, Moon, and Rising (ascendant)'
  • What are the 12 signs?
  • What are houses? How can we use them?
  • What is a Saturn return? How does it impact our life?

The live workshop replay and rituals will be added to the course section for on demand replay.


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