How are you, really? challenge

    1 week


    A week of practice's to turn your attention inward and check in with your mind, body and spirit.

    An Introduction To Gut Health Workshop

    Online Workshop


    Deepen your understanding of your gut health with a professional Nutritionist.

    The Power Of Water Workshop

    Online Workshop


    Certified Water Fasting Coach Violetta shares the healing power and potential of water journeys.

    Astrology 101: Working With The Stars

    Mini Course


    How can you begin working with cosmic wisdom to empower your life.

    Anchor, Alchemise, Align



    Anchor into presence, alchemise the year that has been, align with what your heart desires next.

    Chakra Balancing Meditation Experience

    1 week


    7 days of 7 minute guided meditations to balance, restore and empower each of your 7 energy centres.

    Water Fasting Course And Journey



    Deep dive into the wisdom of water. Use 'ADVENTURINGWITHIN' for 10% discount.

    The Self Love Ceremony

    90min Workshop


    Tap back into the source. YOU are the greatest love of your life.