Gut Health Workshop

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Gut Health Workshop - £11.00
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A 75-minute workshop with Nutritionist Suzanne Cambray.

When you purchase this product you will get access to the workshop replay, ready for you to watch on demand (at a time of your choice).


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What will be covered in the workshop?

  • What does good health look like?
  • What is gut health?
  • What are signs that your gut is out of balance?
  • How can you work with your gut and assist it in returning to balance?
  • What does a healthy bowel look and feel like? What issues can arise?
  • Testing - what it involves, what it shows and where to get it done.
  • Food sensitivities and cellulite - explained.

It's about time we empowered ourselves to know whats going on within us!

A small investment for a huge amount of empowering knowledge.


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