Power Of Water Workshop

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Power Of Water Workshop - £11.00
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A 90-minute workshop with expert Violetta.

Watch the live workshop replay, at a time of your choice. 

We truly believe every human on the planet should be empowered with this knowledge. After all we are 70% water, there is no single human this does not affect.

The live workshop replay will be added to the course section for on demand replay.


What will be covered in the workshop?

◦ Dive into the physical benefits of water fasting and how the system gets blocked with toxins

◦ Explore emotional and spiritual detoxification

◦ Water science and the secrets of water

◦ Detox practices / supplements / water types

◦ Parasites, heavy metals, chronic inflammation, hormone imbalances

◦ What does a 3 Day water fasting journey look like

◦ Why do we do them over the peaks of the Moons?

◦ How to enter & exit a fast safely

◦ Somatic modalities to support body and mind over the fasting days

◦ FAQ's that have led people to this workshop


A small investment for a huge amount of empowering knowledge. 


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