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It's confusing isn't it? Knowing where to start?¬†ūüę†

The amount of information online and Instagram accounts offering to 'heal you' and 'fix you' - can actually just be so OVERWHELMING.

What should you do first?

I was in that exact place myself 4 years ago as I embarked on my own journey to peace.

If it's not simple, it becomes stressful and we don't do it. 

But I have now experienced the JOY and BLISS on the otherside of getting to know your mind breath and body and I want you to access it too. I have now made it my mission to make self care simple.

So let me take your hand and guide you the whole way.

No more wasting time, energy, money and health on looking for happiness outside of yourself.

Everything you need is already within you.

Take back control and make peace your priority with the Anchored membership.


Your inner peace is a click away.


Build wellbeing habits that boost your happiness and health.

  • Shift your emotional state¬†on demand¬†with access to 350+¬† guided practices that will¬†guide you back to the present moment.¬†Think meditation, yoga, breathwork and inner work!
  • Every week you have the opportunity to¬†join me LIVE¬†and to practice together with your Anchored family
  • Access to a members-only thriving community.¬†Get answers¬†to the questions you always wanted to ask,¬†meet others¬†on the same journey and get your¬†daily dose of inspiration
  • Develop skills and bring peace to overwhelm, insomnia, anxiety, overwhelm, overthinking + heartbreak
  • Oh and we have some¬†bonuses that are going to supercharge your journey!

ūüėƬ†Picture this...

  • You feel in control of your moods
  • You¬†feel¬†calm¬†and¬†connected to yourself on demand
  • You know how to breathe to¬†boost¬†your health, energy and sleep
  • You have the¬†energy to play and enjoy your life
  • Your life is filled with¬†nourishing relationships
  • You feel so¬†content¬†you don't worry about what others are doing
  • Instead of surviving,¬†you're thriving!

I'm teaching exactly how to make this your reality in the Anchored membership.


Hear from our members...

"I can honestly say, hand on heart, this membership has saved me.

On the days I couldn't even get up, the tools were there to help me see the positives and feel better. I feel so safe, held and heard. I've made life long friends through the membership too which is priceles."

SOPHIE S | Anchored member since 2022

"Ever since I joined, the membership has been my constant reminder that I truly hold everything I need within myself.

Whenever I feel myself pulled off centre, logging into the membership feels like the warmest 'welcome home.' There’s a practice that tends to every single thing I’m experiencing, and it always feels like the biggest sigh of relief knowing I am supported in whatever life throws at me."

EMMA O | Anchored member since 2022

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  • BONUS:¬†Meditation course
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  • BONUS:¬†Wake up from your Ego course¬†
  • BONUS:¬†Masterclass Vault
  • BONUS:¬†Skin Journey PDF
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We are committed to your growth.

We are so committed to your growth and to handing you the tools and practices it takes to live an empowered life, we are willing to give you a full refund of your membership purchase if you exprience no growth or change in your self after 60 days.

We will honour this without exception if you email us at¬†[email protected]¬†and show us which practices you have completed and how you felt after (min. 15). We know the value of this content and we are confident that when you do the practices, your awareness will shift forever.