Your journey home.

The Membership.

Welcome to your greatest adventure yet, the adventure within.


This membership has been designed to take your curiosity and to nurture it with wisdom, perspective, community and expertise to empower you to live and breathe a life that lights you up, from the inside out.


We know ‘going inward’ can be a confusing, lonely and sometimes overwhelming journey to embark on and so we’re here to take your hand and lead the way...

Here at Adventuring Within we believe that the more deeply you are able to connect to and understand yourself, the more deeply you are able to connect to and enjoy the world around you.

Truth is, there are so many offerings, options and resources online - starting a spiritual journey can quickly become overwhelming and cause you to stop before you even get started.

This membership is here to simplify everything. We’ve designed this membership to be your spiritual best friend and to nurture your curiosity... not to overwhelm or confuse you.

We want empowerment to be accessible. We want to teach you how to self source. No previous experience is required. Just a desire to say yes to your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Whenever you feel ready to dive into the curiosity that bought you to this page, we’ll be here with open arms and ready to welcome you into our community.

When you sign up, you will have access to the tools, community, structure and support it will take to shift your state and start creating a new reality.

In this membership we have hand selected the very best experts to share their wisdom and together, we will explore the foundations and begin building the tools necessary to reclaim our personal power. The invaluable practices and experiences within this membership will put you back in the drivers seat and on the road to more joy and peace than you ever knew was possible

Start your spiritual journey with people that get it. You don’t have to do it alone.

‘We’re all just walking each other home’

- Ram Dass

Each month you will receive

  • On-demand video library access (your self care tool kit, accessible 24/7)

  • New moon and full moon energy downloads from our in house astrologer Tarra Lee

  • 1-hour live themed Zoom workshop (recorded for playback)

  • New moon and full moon journal prompts

  • Monthly themed workbook

  • 24/7 Intentional community support on Telegram

  • 1-hour group circle for monthly reflection and connection

  • Access to ALL previous workbooks and content

  • 4+ pre-recorded practices to integrate the monthly topic PLUS monthly yoga practices from our in-house Yogi and movement specialist Char

Pillars of support

  • Monthly workshops and workbooks pace you, to keep you accountable, motivated and on track.

  • Like-minded people provide energetic support and to elevate your consciousness through community.

  • On Demand video library

    ...the ultimate tool kit of practices and rituals whenever you need them.

Each month, we will explore the theme with

  • Guided meditations

  • Inner work processes

  • Movement practices

  • Breathwork

  • Journalling

New videos will be uploaded to the on demand library to suit every learning style.


until the next live workshop begins

What can you expect from the membership?

  • Begin to feel more connected to yourself

  • Dip your toes into new topics and modalities with guest experts

  • Gain a lifelong toolkit to move through challenges with

  • Build new habits that support the life you want to live

  • Begin to make heart-led choices

  • Connect with like-minded people and make new supportive connections

  • Gain wisdom and education around the power of your mind, body and soul

  • Feel in control of your life, draw in your dreams

Why does this membership work?

We are working with and activating the three brains...

  • The Neocortex brain

    (thinking brain)

  • The Limbic brain

    (doing / feeling / emotional brain)

  • The Cerebellum brain

    (state of being / seat of subconscious)

How does the membership activate this brain?

Live Workshops = New ideas New knowledge New perspectives

Practise videos = Create daily habits Repetition

Results in = New responses Memorised behaviour New empowered choices

The Membership Experience

  • 01.

    Log on to the members area

  • 02.

    Download the workbook and join the members Telegram community

  • 03.

    Attend the live monthly workshop or watch the replay

  • 04.

    Experience the pre-recorded practices to embody the theme wisdom

  • 05.

    Enjoy 24/7 access to your favourite practices in on-demand library

  • 06.

    Discuss progress and challenges with the group on Telegram (open 24/7)

  • 07.

    Come together in group circle to share experiences at the end of the month

Membership options

Choose your adventure...

£33 Permonth


One payment of £33

Just £1.10 a day! Buy now

£26 per month


One payment of £310

Just 86p a day! Buy now

£29 Permonth

6 Monthly

One payment of £175

Just 96p a day! Buy now

...all memberships are cheaper than the price of your daily coffee.

A coffee may elevate your morning but this membership will elevate your life, seriously!

Our recommendation?

Try a month first if you would like to, there’s no pressure.

I know it can be scary to commit to 6 or 12 months straight up.

Honestly though? Sustainable change takes time and commitment, there truly are no quick fixes or shortcuts. If you want to rewire your brains, develop new habits and move through patterns and behaviours that you’ve been absorbed in for 5/10/40+ years, it requires patience and commitment.

Whichever route you choose to journey home, we are celebrating your courage to show up for yourself. This is the start of everything!

See you inside the membership.

Does this sound familiar?

You want to ‘do the work’ but have no idea where to even begin.

You’ve never done anything spiritual but are curious and open to learning.

You don’t feel like you’re around people that get it or support where you’re going.

You keep finding yourself in similar relationships, patterns and dynamics.

You’ve had enough of how you’re feeling and want to make changes.

You get really overwhelmed by your emotions.

You struggle to switch off your mind.

You feel disconnected from your body.

You get triggered often and act out of ‘character’.

You don’t feel you have a space where you can speak honestly / with that people care.

You are curious and you know you’re part of something much bigger than you.

You’re ready to feel more joy in your life.

You're willing to do what it takes, you just need some guidance.

What would it feel like to...

Feel deeply connected to yourself and your intuition

Be surrounded and supported by like minded people

Have the framework and accountability to make long lasting change

Take back control of your life and make empowered choices

Have the tools to work through overwhelm and challenge

Move into more empowering relationships

Experience more joy, love and freedom in your life

Feel secure in your body and sense of self

Connect to your truth and feel connected to your purpose

This is for you if...

You believe you are worthy of happiness.

You're ready to commit to yourself.

You’re ready to step into radical accountability.

You’re willing to take responsibility for yourself.

You can put time aside each week to build new habits.

You want to step into a more connected (spiritual) life.

You value yourself enough to invest in your wellbeing.

You are open to new perspectives, ideas and wisdom.

You are curious that there’s more to life than you and your story.

You understand rewiring your mind and creating a new life takes time and commitment.

You’re ready to step into and be a part of a loving, supportive container.

This is not for you if...

You’re looking to attend one workshop and be magically 'fixed'.

You’re not ready to prioritise ‘you time’ in your schedule to build new habits.

You like your comfort zone and don’t want to leave it.

You are looking for a quick fix.

You aren’t open to new ideas and perspectives.

You think you don’t need to change anything about yourself.

You want advice to tell other people how to change.


  • Who teaches in the monthly membership?

    We have hand selected our favourite experts and teachers from around the world to bring you an expansive and inspiring selection of themes and practices. Each month in the Your Journey Home membership, new content is uploaded to the on-demand video library by our in-house movement expert and yogi, Char, our in-house Tantra yoga teacher, breathwork facilitator and sound therapist, Mollie and our in-house Vedic Astrologer, Tarra.

    Then there's the live workshops, circles and collective energy readings! We have so much to share with you. See the membership details here.

  • I'd like to try breathwork. What offering should I choose?

    As part of the monthly membership you have access to the on-demand video library which has all the breathwork practices you need to start connecting with that which gives you life. Each month new breathwork practices will be added from our in-house breathwork facilitator Mollie.

    When you sign up to the membership you'll get instant access to the Power Of Breath workshop replay, a 90 minute introduction to breathwork!

  • Can I just join for one month of the membership?

    Of course!

    Try a month first if you would like to, there’s no pressure. We know it can be scary to commit to 6 or 12 months straight up. Honestly though? Sustainable change takes time and commitment, there truly are no quick fixes or shortcuts. If you want to rewire your brain, develop new habits and move through patterns and behaviours that you’ve been absorbed in for 5/10/40+ years, it requires patience and commitment.

    The Your Journey Home membership is designed to create and support sustainable, long-term changes. The question is, are you ready to commit to yourself?

    Whichever route you choose to journey home, we are celebrating your courage to show up for yourself. This is the start of everything. See you inside the membership.

  • Do you have any in-person offerings?

    Coming soon! We love connecting in person. You can check out all of our up and coming workshops, events and retreats on our calendar here.

  • Is the material gender specific?

    Nope. The monthly membership is open for everyone and was designed with that in mind. Some courses / events may be gender specific but that will be disclosed in the description.

  • Do you need any experience before you join the membership?

    Nope. None! You just need a willingness to show up for yourself and the commitment to beginning a daily practice. We will nurture your curiosity and take care of the rest!

    See membership options here.

Reviews of this course

  • I’m incredibly grateful for my experience with Mollie as it helped me navigate my way to my centre. I was nervous as I was going through some difficult emotions at the time and I didn’t want to bring that energy into the space but Mollie was extremely welcoming and reiterated that this was a safe space to show up exactly as we are.

    — Fareeha

  • I felt so connected to my energetic body in a way I had not experienced before. I felt so connected to the group through the sharing circle. A lovely touch. Mollie is a natural, connected and welcoming guide. Beyond grateful.

    — Jenny

  • I realised afterwards that I hadn't given myself permission to enter into relaxation like this in a long time and it is something that has stayed present in me since. Mollie seemed completely in tune with the energy of the room and adjusted accordingly. I fully believe the depth I went to within myself was a direct reflection of how safe Mollie made me feel throughout.

    — Emma

A note from the founder, Mollie

The story of Adventuring Within

In April 2019, I was successful by society's standards. I was at my financial peak at earnt 160k+ that year from a job most, including myself, dreamt of in travel. But I was continually burning out and on an emotional and energetic rollercoaster that wasn’t sustainable. I felt disconnected from myself and from any kind of home. I didn’t know where home was. I was fitting in to what I thought was ‘success’ and I maintained it because I felt like I should be grateful. I kept going because I didn’t have the tools or knowledge to do anything different. In March 2020, I then found myself in the chaos of an incredibly toxic trauma-bonded relationship. I was in a lot of pain, I was lost, confused and my anxious attachment style kept me locked in destructive habits. I reached my mental and emotional capacity and I hit an all time low. My body was shutting down on a cellular level and sending me so many signals that enough was enough. I still didn’t have the tools or knowledge to hear the cry of my body or to know how to navigate it. The pandemic then went on to put a complete halt to my career, my lifestyle, my income and all of the things that were familiar to me. I moved to a new town and knew no-one there in the middle of a lockdown. I had no choice at this point to sit still, in the silence and depths of isolation, and to dig within myself for a way out. It was the most painful, lonely and confusing time of my life.

This is where my adventure within really began. I was searching anywhere and everywhere for ways to stabilise the rainbow of emotions I was feeling and over the next two years I dedicated myself to studying all of the modalities that were helping me move towards liberation. I studied the power of our breath, of movement, of sound, of neuroplasticity, of the quantum eld, of our emotions as signals, of community, of human potential. Of so many things. I dug deep into my subconscious and unearthed many disempowering beliefs, old stories and habits that were keeping me stuck. I got to know the me underneath all the labels and I peeled back the layers to connect deeply with my truth. I began rewriting my stories around relationships, money, success, joy, love and beyond. I began shifting my consciousness and committing to a new way of living. I began building my toolkit day in and day out and I began falling in love with the process of coming home to myself one beautiful step at a time. My entire world began to change and my environments started responding in ways I could have never imagined. I regained my power, my voice and my peace.

Into this membership I have poured all of the knowledge, tools and wisdom I have gained so far. And as this membership grows I will hand select the very best experts that I encounter around the world to bring you a variety of adventures and modalities to provide the stepping stones that you need, when you need them most.

With the right support, guidance and community, we have the power to move through anything with grace and I commit myself to helping you on your journey home

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