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The seed for this platform was planted in September 2021. Our founder, Mollie, had personally navigated the overwhelming amount of resources available online for spiritual growth, self-love and healing.

She thought... 'Wouldn't it be wonderful to simplify it all. To create a hub where curiosity can be nurtured and where people can begin to connect with themselves, without getting overwhelmed.'

The Adventuring Within platform is all about empowering the individual. This hub has been built to host content in all different areas of mind, body and spiritual growth so that YOU, the user, can take your journey as slow, deep or intense as you like.

We have hand selected only the best practitioners and experts from around the world and through our Membership, Courses and Immersions we're ready to take your curiosity and to nurture it with wisdom, perspective, community and expertise to empower you to live and breathe a life that lights you up, from the inside out.

Celebrating you and your desire to show up for yourself.

We're so excited that you're here, truly.

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Introducing The Light Workers


Mollie is a 200 hour Tantra-Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Inner Work Facilitator, Sound Therapist and Conscious Connected Breathwork Facilitator.

Mollie's passion is bringing people back home to themselves and reconnecting to the power within through movement, breath, sound and community.


Char is a mindful movement specialist, 750hr yoga teacher trained in vinyasa, ashtanga, mandala, rocket and yin, level 3 personal trainer, group exercise instructor and strength and mobility coach with over 10 years teaching experience.

Movement is her jam and Char is passionate about getting you moving; getting you out of your heads and into your bodies to find your love of movement.

Tarra Lee

Tarra Lee is a Vedic Astrologer, Ayurvedic Consultant, and Spiritual Mentor.

Tarra guides and empowers women to reconnect back to their sovereign self, using the Vedic sciences of Jyotish (Vedic astrology) and Ayurveda.

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