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‘By March 2020, I’d spent 7 wonderful years travelling the world full-time, filling my soul with adventure and ticking all the boxes that society deemed successful. However, I was continually burning out mentally and physically and I was overworking to capacities I was worryingly capable of maintaining.

I fell out of love with travelling because I didn’t feel successful in my body or my personal life… and these things started to matter more to me.

The pandemic catapulted me into my ‘dark night of the soul’ and over the last 4 years I have moved through, career redirection, financial loss, livelihood loss, a complete identity shift, my deepest heartbreak, healing a trauma bond, a debilitating skin condition and the loss of my four-legged best friend of 17 years.

At times I was hopeless, lost and unable to see the light. The depth of darkness I experienced became my motivation for change and I spent my days reading, studying and applying a wealth of mind-body practices. I became my own experiment and I soon got hooked on the magic and liberation I experienced from ‘adventuring within’.

Each of these challenges has allowed me to meet myself and reclaim my power from a different angle and I’ve been blooming and expanding exponentially into myself since.

I finally knew what home felt like. After all of those years searching for the missing something… i’d found it within myself.

My love for travelling? It is still there, I just travel now from a regulated, connected place. Staying connected to myself is a non-negotiable now, it gives me an unshakeable foundation that allows me to move through life with a sense of ease, trust and flow.

In 2023 I launched the Anchored membership, a place where others could learn the tools it takes to shift the way they relate to their mental, emotional and physical body.

Are you ready to reclaim your unshakeable foundation?

I’m ready to take your curiosity today and to nurture it with wisdom, perspective, community and expertise to empower you to live and breathe a life that lights YOU up, from the inside out.

Celebrating you and your desire to show up for yourself.

It’s your time.

Mollie, founder and CEO.

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