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Meditation | 15mins

Wind Down From Work

Time to leave all responsibility behind, to rest, recalibrate and recenter yourself after work.

Yoga | 30mins

Rooting Down Evening Yin

Nourish the root chakra and find stillness in this passive Yin practice.

Breathwork | 10 mins

Evening Breathwork For Relaxation

With our breath we have the power to directly influence our nervous system and take control of our emotional mental and physical state.

Y o u r j o u r n e y h o m e    .



The more you are able to connect to and understand yourself, the more deeply you are able to connect to and enjoy the world around you.

But we get it. Going inward and 'doing the work' can be confusing, lonely and overwhelming.

Where do you start? How do you start? How much time do you need? How do you pace yourself? Where do you find people on the same journey?

We've got you.

Your journey home begins here.

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The Membership

Your Journey Home is the monthly membership for your mind, body and soul. Create a life that lights you up from the inside out.


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What’s included in the monthly membership?

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  • Who teaches in the monthly membership?

    We have hand selected our favourite experts and teachers from around the world to bring you an expansive and inspiring selection of themes and practices. Each month in the Your Journey Home membership, new content is uploaded to the on-demand video library by our in-house movement expert and yogi, Char, our in-house Tantra yoga teacher, breathwork facilitator and sound therapist, Mollie and our in-house Vedic Astrologer, Tarra.

    Then there's the live workshops, circles and collective energy readings! We have so much to share with you. See the membership details here.

  • I'd like to try breathwork. What offering should I choose?

    As part of the monthly membership you have access to the on-demand video library which has all the breathwork practices you need to start connecting with that which gives you life. Each month new breathwork practices will be added from our in-house breathwork facilitator Mollie.

    When you sign up to the membership you'll get instant access to the Power Of Breath workshop replay, a 90 minute introduction to breathwork!

  • Can I just join for one month of the membership?

    Of course!

    Try a month first if you would like to, there’s no pressure. We know it can be scary to commit to 6 or 12 months straight up. Honestly though? Sustainable change takes time and commitment, there truly are no quick fixes or shortcuts. If you want to rewire your brain, develop new habits and move through patterns and behaviours that you’ve been absorbed in for 5/10/40+ years, it requires patience and commitment.

    The Your Journey Home membership is designed to create and support sustainable, long-term changes. The question is, are you ready to commit to yourself?

    Whichever route you choose to journey home, we are celebrating your courage to show up for yourself. This is the start of everything. See you inside the membership.

  • Do you have any in-person offerings?

    Coming soon! We love connecting in person. You can check out all of our up and coming workshops, events and retreats on our calendar here.

  • I'm ready to make changes in my life. Where do I start?

    Eeek! This is exactly why we designed the monthly membership.

    When you sign up, you will have access to the tools, community, structure and support it will take to shift your state and start creating a new reality. One that lights you up from the inside out. We will pace you, keep you accountable, inspire you and motivate you!

  • Is the material gender specific?

    Nope. The monthly membership is open for everyone and was designed with that in mind. Some courses / events may be gender specific but that will be disclosed in the description.

  • Do you need any experience before you join the membership?

    Nope. None! You just need a willingness to show up for yourself and the commitment to beginning a daily practice. We will nurture your curiosity and take care of the rest!

    See membership options here.

  • What do I get when I sign up for the monthly membership?

    On-demand video library access (your video tool kit, accessible 24/7)

    New moon and full moon energy downloads from our in house Vedic Astrologer Tarra Lee

    1-hour live themed workshop (recorded for playback)

    New moon and full moon journal prompts

    Monthly themed workbook

    24/7 Intentional community support on Telegram

    1-hour group circle for monthly reflection and connection

    Access to all previous workbooks and content

    4+ pre-recorded practises to integrate the monthly topic PLUS monthly yoga practices from our in-house Yogi Char

    See the membership pricing here and more information here.

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